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Tips to Consider While Preparing for Entrance Exams

  1. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

Every student should know his strengths and weaknesses before starting the preparation. As it is difficult to excel in all topics, there are topics in which each individual feels confident about. Students should try to cover up topics they feel confident about first, as it boosts their confidence.

 2.Refer fewer books for theory

As students have a habit to refer multiple books for theory, it harms them more than benefiting them. Every book explains topics differently so students get confused among various descriptions styles. Students should try to follow 1 or 2 at most, books from good authors.

3.Create a practical study plan

Students tend to plan more and execute less. Competitive exams like CAT, MAT, CMAT etc can be really challenging if not prepared with a practical stratergy. Create a practical study plan. Know how much syllabus you can cover in a day. Give more time to topics you find difficult and keep some buffer time as well.

 4.Previous year questions are the key

For the last month students should focus on solving the previous year questions. As these are the questions that were previously asked it gives an idea of the difficulty level of questions. also aim for solving the previous year questions in the same time frame as the actual exam ,as it will help students to develop a time management strategy for actual exam.

 5.Utilize technique of elimination

Utilize method of elimination. Begin by taking out 2 choices which have minimal possibility of being right. In some cases, regardless of the questions, the facts contained in the choices itself can be utilized to solve. Choosing a last answer out of 2 is easier and in some cases one can use intuitions as well.

6.Use shortcuts

Every student must memorize shortcuts which they can to prepare for entrance exams. Be it for remembering formulas or memorizing charts, using short cuts saves your time. There are some standard shortcuts which you can memorize into but creating your own would be a great idea as well because you will remember it better.

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How to prepare for XAT ?

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is organized by Xavier Labor Relation Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur and is conducted on behalf of Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI).

XAT aspirants who are looking forward to Xavier Aptitude Test may note that notification for coming XAT is likely to be out by October this year and XAT 2018 will be conducted in the 1st week of January 2018. XAT exam structure is that it has two parts whereas first part consists of sections for Verbal Ability & Logical Ability, decision making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and the second part of the exam consists of General Knowledge & Essay. 

Overall time limit for XAT is likely to be given for 205 minutes with 78 questions in first part and 25 questions for General Knowledge and one Essay which you need to write after the entire exam for 20 minutes in approximately 200 words.

There is a great rider of negative marking in XAT as .25 marks are being cut for wrong answer with a extra rider of .05 marks are cut for more that 13 un-attempted questions but XAT aspirants may note over here that the negative marking is applicable for the first section of the exam only and there is no negative marking for General Knowledge and Essay section.

XAT scores are accepted by XLRI, Xavier Institute of Management- Bhubaneswar, XISS-Ranchi, XIME, SPJIMR, LIBA-Chennai also besides 11 Xavier Institutes. To understand the USPs XAT exam aspirants must note that XAT is very peculiar and would test in Language Skills more than any other exam and you would also be tested in Current Affairs.

To take XAT 2018 you would be eligible if you are graduate with 50% marks.

Essay writing in XAT can be a differentiator for the aspirant as Essay topics are very unique in XAT and most of the times aspirants get shockers with the kind of difficulty they find to express their views in Essay. Hence, it is important for the aspirants to practice for Essay very regularly.
Now the time is ripe for XAT aspirants to get on to preparation and achieve mission XAT 2018 !

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Quantitative Ability for CAT 2017

Quantitative ability is the section which is common to all MBA entrance examinations but is one of the very crucial section in CAT.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will also not be an exception and CAT aspirants are likely to face tougher questions this year hence, it is important to understand that what is Quantitative Ability and why you are being tested for this section?

Quantitative Ability as the name mentions is a section where you would be tested for your analytical behaviour and your mind at Quant. You would be getting questions from areas of Arithmetic which may comprise of questions on percentages, numbers, algebra, trigonometry, time & speed and distance.

While being tested in Quantitative Ability, you need to understand that in any business numbers are very important and primary data being collected in any business is very crucial for launching a product or for the projection of the sales hence, it is the Quantitative analysis on which brand manager is dependent upon and it is his Quantitative skills which directs him to control the market and ensures the brand growth. Because of this reason you are being tested in Quantitative Ability so to know your aptitude and Quantitative skills, afterall you would be selected as a future budding manager.

The crucial question for CAT aspirant is how to prepare and ace Quantitative Ability? Experts have suggested that for preparing Quantitative Ability, you need to practice and clarify your fundamentals from NCERT books and take sample questions from High School standard as that would give you immense confidence to deal with questions in Quantitative Ability.

34 questions in Quantitative Ability section of CAT 2017 would be a dreadful section as being an opening section of CAT 2017 this may either boost your confidence or let you down at the beginning of CAT 2017 hence, it is very crucial that you take this section with a piece of mind and since this section is calculation centric hence, you remain confident and attempt those questions only where you are fully confident on the answers.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will decide your overall percentile so start preparation and achieve Mission CAT 2017 !

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Management Aptitude Test May 2017 will be conducted by AIMA

Management Aptitude Test May 2017 will be conducted by AIMA on the 1st Sunday of May 2017. 

Candidly most of the MBA aspirants might have got the admission in institutes by this time but few may still be looking forward to admissions hence, this MAT May 2017 exam may prove to be boon for them and for the fresh candidates who is in final year of graduation, MAT May exam can be a test for them to understand their capability as they would be preparing for tougher examinations in the later part of the year.

Syllabus wise MAT May exam will remain same as you would be tested for 5 sections viz.Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment. The allocated marks total would be 200 with 40 marks for each section.

The duration of the test is 150 minutes and MAT May 2017 exam will be conductedin two formats, paper based test and computer based test and MBA aspirants can opt for either of one.

Section on Global Environment is unique in MAT exam and you would be tested with questions on Global warming and Pollution. The reason to have this kind of section is that most of the companies are being given carbon credit and it is essential for the candidate to have some understanding of these issues and develop aptitude for that.

This is the time for you to get on to preparation for mission MAT 2017 and clarify your doubts hence, it would be better to go for SWOT analysis and understand your strengths, weaknesses and the kind of opportunities you would be getting while removing threats.

Since you are fresh graduate and you are trying to test your water for your competencyof your competitiveness hence, you must understand that this is not a college exam and you would be competing with your fellow examinees who might be in number of many thousands.

Another area of your understating should be as the scores of MAT are computed in percentile manner and that would give you enough idea that in any MBA entrance examination including MAT 2017, it will be good for you to think in terms of gaining top percentile only and that would create a habit within you to be winner always.

Hopefully, when you would be taking MAT May 2017; not only you would be winner but that would create a base for you for Mission admission MBA.

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Data Interpretation

In the modern era data is vital for any business hence, all the companies launch their product keeping in mind the data which they collect from different resources, even the projection of revenue is dependent on the data forecasting.

Since with MBA you would be transformed as a budding manager who will join a company and over there it will be the Data primary or secondary, you would be dealing with Data day in and day out.

Because of the obvious reason of the above, Data Interpretation is the section which is common to all MBA entrance examinations hence, it is important and crucial to understand interpretation of the Data.

Data Interpretation is mostly given in tabular form or in pie charts and graphical presentations, we need to understand in a calculative manner and interpret the Data.
Data although a numerical format and can be understood while observing the comparison of the data with the commonsense and then put a hypothesis into that before calculating the Data.

The other area of Data Interpretation is that it needs to be done with crucial accuracy along with the speed and for this matter you need to be at your best at the fundamentals of arithmetic of the percentages and numbers.

Data Interpretation requires a constant practice and in the absence of any formulas, interpretation of the Data can be hypothecated with multi dimensional conclusions hence, you need not bother about the understanding of the Data from the others point of you but you need to stick to your own reasoning and present the data a per your hypothesis.

Idea of Data Interpretation is that what is that which convinces you to interpret the Data but a constant factor remains the source and credibility of Data.

In the present world where big Data has become a source of forecasting of future in the Company Boards, it is important to get on to Data Interpretation in a big way with which the understanding of this subject will not only help to crack Data Interpretation in MBA examinations but you will carry on the confidence of understanding when you will be employed with the Company.

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PI Tips - Get nervous and get out of competition

At present it is the time of personal interviews at all MBA Institutes who are likely to interview you to know your overall personality.

PI is the last step but is very crucial step for the admission in any MBA Institute. The gravity of the matter is thatit can be judged by the fact that PI is having a weightage of 20-25% in overall selection process.

It is open secret that if a candidate is fumbling during PI then it is really difficult to expect admission.
Get nervous and get out of competition, that is really alarming sentence but the message it loud and clear that candidate must not get nervous and that is where the art of the interview is. Because a bit of getting nervousness it will give chance to others who are in fray of competition.

In general, personal interview is being conducted to know your personality, to know your top of mind ideas, thoughts and top of all; your overall attitude. Although these are known as soft skills but these skills can’t be achieved overnight. Hence, it is a must for the candidate to develop these skills on daily basis.

How these skills can be improved? There are two schools of thought, one says get guidance and the second says get guided yourself. It is pertinent to note that self-guidance is always better because you are the person who knows your pluses and minuses much better than anybody else.

Reading motivational stories will gain you confidence and you would be able to gain positive attitude. Reading business magazines, one business newspaper and reading editorials of top dailies will improve your communication skills and you would attain plenty of information on current affairs and that it itself will boost your confidence to face personal interview. Most importantly a key factor is that if the news analysis programme is being heard every day on all India Radio at 9.15 pm, this can be a game changerfor your success in personal interview.

Mind you, MBA aspirants; here is an advice from experts and please make a note of this that during PI you are facing an admission panel who is into the rejection mode and whatever being the task of adding objectivity to the PI session but it still remains very subjective hence, you are advised to maneuver and negotiate this negativity of rejection mode while not arguing or debating on any point of view of the admission panel.

Simply answer to the point and if not aware of any question, just reply that you are not aware of. Ensure that you are pushing admission panel to your strengths and that will achieve you mission admission MBA.

Stay informed, Stay ahead and stay inspired with MBA Rendezvous

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GD will be crucial post MBA Entrance Exams

Group Discussion is one of the major sections taken into consideration by an MBA Institute for admission post MBA Entrance Exams.

Some Institutes might give a GD Topic which may sound very easy but might be very tricky in the sense that you are not able to discuss much and you have to take initiatives to develop the subject.

GD test as such is very subjective in nature and top of all if the topic is also like that then participants are likely to face problems.
Presence of mind is an important factor and responding at once with logical reasoning is required and you are appreciated for your responses. 
Basic Domain Knowledge is essential , with this the art of being good in GD can be learned and improved with practice.

GD demands a confident personality in you who is a pleasant personality and has responsive nature to unfold complex situations to simple opportunities.

You get ample of chances in GD to tell your story either on assigned GD Topic. These chances must be converted to opportunities to detail your logic and link with your career goal.

Don’t focus on the audience response. Don’t worry. Am I making any impact in GD or is this going well? These thoughts might distract you from GD Topic and will make your voice sound lifeless and monotonous. 
Only those who will be able to showcase their positive attitude in all aspects can be assured to clear GD hence, persevere hard to adapt those skills which will take you forward to achieve mission admission MBA!!